With an eclectic sense of style, distinct eye for exceptional gems, and a never-ending pursuit for perfection, Malibu Diamonds, led by rare diamond expert Justin J. Navin, rises above all others with a unique ability to embrace our client's visions and bring them to life.​



Malibu Diamonds is the newest breed of rare diamond connoisseurs with a deep intuition and a refined eye for rare and distinct, one-of-a-kind jewels.  Our approach to diamonds and their market is highlighted by an incredible fascination with rare natural fancy colored diamonds, and we are known for buying, selling and brokering some of the largest and rarest diamonds in the World.



We work closely with companies and high-net-worth families interested in curating or adding to their corporate and private gem collections, and we are now teaming up with some of Hollywood's most elite money managers, business managers, and CPA's to bring these exclusive rarities to the attention of the biggest stars in entertainment.  Collectors, investors, corporations, royalty and celebrities make up just a handful of our prestigious clientele.



We specialize and deal specifically in large colorless diamonds and rare natural fancy colored diamonds of all sizes.



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